Rachel is an Australian American animator, designer and director with over eight years studio experience in both countries - working in advertising, marketing, gaming and digital content creation. Her work has expanded over web, television, mobile, cinema and large scale projection. She specializes in leading video projects from start to finish with a results driven strategy, supporting her team while delivering engaging content.

Her world leading clients include: 

Sinai Hospital | Microsoft  |  J.P. Morgan  |  Chase Bank  |  Sydney Opera House  |  Sydney Trains  |  3M | Better Homes and Gardens  |  Robotic Potato Games  |  Telstra  |  Commonwealth Bank  |  Channel 7 |  Wonder White  |  AGL  |  Ontex  |  The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine  |  Responibility.org  |

And she is looking to make her next client filthy rich.